Aircraft and Fleet Management

We have been flying select corporate owners and their families for more than 30 years. We keep the fleet down to a handful of Turbo Prop aircraft in order to keep our services as high in quality as possible. This way, even on short notice, a flight can be scheduled and the owners can be assured they will be transported by a familiar pilot with top skills and training to get them to their destinations safely, comfortably, and on time.

Having a managed aircraft saves time and provides comfort and luxury. If you are in need of dedicated service to yourself, your family, and your valuable property, Rossi Aircraft Inc. should be your first consideration. Most of the aircraft we manage are based here in Palo Alto; however, other Airports such as San Carlos, Hayward, or San Jose are also possible. Palo Alto has the advantage for those living or working near Stanford University of quick access to the airport and quick departure and arrival times.


Flying out of Palo Alto (KPAO) , rather than San Francisco or San Jose offers some great advantages.

  • No long waits for clearance.
  • Closer to home, for most clients.
  • Your luggage is loaded for you.
  • In house maintenance.

Our Pilots

Our pilots are well trained and experienced. Each pilot undergoes vigorous training each year to keep their skills sharp. Corporate flying is their chosen profession and they love what they do. They have flown thousands of hours and know how to make the flights more comfortable and safer for their passengers.

Aviation Fuel

  • Aircraft is cleaned after every flight.
  • Stocked with your choice of refreshments.
  • Reservations for hotels, cars, etc.
  • Online flight and maintenance schedule.



Aircraft and Fleet Management

Aircraft Maintenance

Aviation Fuel

Airport Info